A self-guided short course in story work

November 4-19th, 2021

"He who looks outside, dreams; he who looks inside, awakens." --C. G. Jung

Are you cut off from your psychic roots, and the insight and vitality that you need to be the fullest, freest, truest version of yourself?

Many of us have been coaxed, coerced, or led away from our soul life. According to C.G. Jung, the emphasis on reason and facts in everyday life limits our awareness of life and our sense of self.

The answer is the "symbolic life."

Work with a story is an effective way to begin or deepen your symbolic life. In this short course, I will guide you through a simple process using a Celtic story called "The Man Without a Story." 

In this course you will:

  • Learn how to tap into your inner knowing and negotiate difficulties in a new way
  • Develop a fuller relationship with yourself and your symbolic life, the life of soul, imagination, and personal truth
  • Acquire tools that you can use and re-use to expand your own inner work---psychological, spiritual, or creative
  • Find value, beauty, and sacred purpose in your current situation

Further details:

This two week course will unfold with the movement of the moon from new to full (Thursday November 4th - Friday November 19th, 2021). On the new moon, you will meet the story. For the following 10 days, you'll receive a daily prompt to teach you simple tools of story work. On days 11-14, I will guide you in the creation of a closing ritual to utilize with the full moon.

This course doesn't require special skills or knowledge, fancy materials, or a lot of time. You'll need an hour to listen and work with the story on Day 1 and after that, 15 minutes a day will be enough.

I will be available via email to answer questions and offer suggestions, for the duration of the course. I will also hold office hours (via zoom) halfway through the course. And if you want even more personal support, you can book a 60 minute, one-on-one session with me at a special course rate of $60.

Give yourself the gifts of the symbolic life.

Step into the fairy glen.

"It is above all by the imagination that we achieve perception, compassion and hope." –Ursula K. LeGuin 

Enroll and explore the fairy glen for yourself


Step Into the Fairy Glen November 2021

course fee

Two-week guided story process to tap the symbolic life

Inspiration and insight now + tools to use and reuse 

Your course fee includes:

  • All course materials (video, text, downloadable pdfs)
  • Email support from Catherine
  • Access to Catherine's office hours (via zoom) 
  • Life-long access to all course materials and future updates 

You also have the option to purchase a 60 minute, one-on-one session with Catherine at the special course rate of $60, at any time during the course

"What a beautiful gift this course has been, and at the time when I really needed it in my life. Synchronicity works its magic indeed. Thank you so much Catherine, you are wonderful." --Giedrė Steikunaite


Go deeper into the fairy glen

Course fee PLUS 60 minute one-on-one session


Two-week guided story process to tap your symbolic life and a 60 minute private consultation with Catherine to support your process

  • Inspiration and insight now plus tools to use and reuse 
  • All course materials (video, text, downloadable pdfs)
  • Email access and support from Catherine for the 2 weeks
  • Access to Catherine's office hours (via zoom) 
  • Life-long access to course materials and future updates 


Personalized guidance on your journey

You can schedule your one-on-one

session at any time during the duration

of the course.

"I love the way this process is personal, getting right to the core, and yet curiosity keeps it unfolding; so appreciating the connections." Lisa Marie Pirro

Kind words from past students who stepped into the fairy glen

"Thank you Catherine for a well thought out, guided journey into the fairy glen. The story process was very powerful for me, and your prompts took me deeply into the process, opening space for contemplation and reflection." Peggy Wilson

"Though I am no stranger to the symbolic life, guided daily practice, joined by others following the same process, amplified and magnified my experience manyfold. After our time together in the Fairy Glen, I feel nourished and renewed. My vision is clearer, my creativity enhanced, and trust in Story – and my own hidden depths – is reaffirmed. " --Stephen Gerringer

"Catherine's 'story work' gift has helped facilitate many of the recent changes in my life. I am comforted in knowing that I can come home to myself via this wonderful practice time and again." --Denise Ulett

“I loved every minute of this beautiful course! Although I’m well acquainted with the symbolic life, I’m so glad I decided to take this course, because I’ve taken so much from the experience that is totally new and really inspiring. I love the insightful and soulful nature of the material. The clear and reflective way Catherine approaches the subject of mystery makes this course something you really can get teeth into, and apply directly to life.” Beth Forrester

"Thank you Catherine, for a deep and rich experience in the fairy glen just when it was needed, and for your expert and generous guidance." --Barbara Hockley

"This story work has enriched my morning writing and guided me in slowing down and paying attention, listening to my intuition and imagination, and spending more time with signs and symbols that are everywhere in my thoughts and life if I take time to look! Thank you Catherine, for your shared insights and work. They are a portal to deep creative thought and remembering, and always inspire, engage, clarify, and inform my journey."-- Lauren Vulysteke

"Catherine created everything necessary for all of us to take this journey. The Fairy Glen, always available, is one place for me to keep the magic in my life alive." --Rags Rosenberg

"Step Into the Fairy Glen, was a rich and deep experience. I entered the fairy glen with grace, thanks to Catherine's wisdom and guidance. A true gift to myself." --Cheryl Montelle

Hi, I’m Catherine.

I've always loved stories. As a child, I spent countless hours reading, writing and illustrating stories, and making them up to tell my friends. Stories had the power to take me to different worlds, to teach me, and to bring me home. Home to myself.

Then I went through the common kind of growing up.

Happily, we don't lose our ability to enter the story world or connect with story magic. We simply need to begin again. And for adults, stories can open up dimensions of self, world, and purpose that were inconceivable.

Work with mythology and depth psychology is central to my quest for greater creativity, self-liberation, and connection to my soul life.  I earned a PhD in Mythological Studies and Depth Psychology and have created many story-based tools and workshops for people. 

What I learn from my studies and experiments transforms every aspect of my life. I'm excited to share it with you. Let's step into the fairy glen together.